Tuesday, January 8, 2013

United in Action

When Glad2bawoman asked me to write a post for them, I was delighted. I’ve been following their writing regularly and my feelings have resonated with most of what they’ve had to say.

My guestpost on their blog is about the best, most uplifting way to unite in action and why I think it is effective. 

When we united in action seeking justice for Jyoti we were angry, even stunned, shocked and ashamed, at the barbaric and blatant manner in which the six low lives violated and brutally hurt her. We forced our indifferent politicians to sit up and take notice. Everything that is decent in us demanded it and we didn’t care that they tried to muzzle us with water cannons, tear gas and lathi charges. 

Why haven’t we united in action before? For other causes? How can we tap into this glimpse we’ve had of what we (not they – the politicians and their uneducated goons) can achieve together?

Yes, this post talks about the benefits of joining an NGO. Let me spell out some as a precursor to the main article

  • Joining an NGO is uplifting 
  • It is a long term, safe and effective way to counter some of the evils that beleaguer our society. After all, whose voice is heard loud and clear - a billion lone individuals or a billion strong force?
  • It is the perfect win-win. Even as the NGO benfits from our involvement, it improves our time and resource management (and many more outlined in the post) skills.
  • Given a choice between someone who's worked in a charitable organisation and someone who hasn't, more than 50% of employers say they prefer to employ the former.
The link again - http://www.glad2bawoman.com/category/rights/united-action 


  1. You are right KayEm

    Why haven’t we united in action before? For other causes?

    that is our problem we have not united for other causes we have not united for this kind also before ---am apprehensive if this concern will continue in future ---no--- our public memory is very short and this uprising too will die its death---its happened before and it will happen again

    1. I would take heart, Rajni, as I think we are determined to see this one through till justice is done for Jyoti swiftly and with no dithering from politicians. Desensitised and brutal sub humans must be made to realise they have no place in our civil society and that punishment for such crimes is severe.

      Uprisings are meant to be short term. They do die out. There must be many ways to make our democracy work for us long term. I wonder if people will agree with what I've outlined.

  2. Off to reading it. I am sure this one will also be as delightful and insightful as your other articles.

    1. Thanks, GBTP. Hope you let me know what you think.