Smog over Delhi
The Environment or Life Giving Activities? 

Smog over Mumbai
Some of our life-giving activities involve burning fossil fuels like coal and oil so we can cook, keep warm, travel and transport goods made in factories to our shops and ultimately, our homes. This is our way of life. Why is it under threat from the very activities that have made life easy so far?

SOME MAJOR POLLUTANTS produced because of human activities are listed below. 
    • Why are they harmful?  
    • what exactly do they do to our health?
    • how do our activities produce them in huge quantities? And 
    • what simple measures can we take to vastly reduce their quantities from our environment?
Click on each pollutant to find out.

Carbon Monoxide  

Carbon Dioxide  

Sulphur Dioxide  

Nitrogen Dioxide  

Acid Rain

Particulate Matter  

Ground Level Ozone and Odours

Making Informed Choices What individuals, business and the government can do.

Shai Agassi's TED talk on why electric cars are better than cars that run on petrol.

A healthier option (and a desi invention) to non-stick Teflon

Carbon Tax-Who benefits? Governments? The Air We Breathe?

We hear so much about the carbon tax nowadays. What I'd like to know is how it will be spent. Who will benefit? Governments or the air we breathe?

People who deny Climate Change Are Indirectly Helped by Media says Al Gore

People who deny climate change are indirectly help by the media says AL GORE. Quoting selectively from Al Gore's article, someone else has created another article to suggest that most of Al's article is a rave and a rant about Obama. It is nothing of the sort. Climate change is too important an issue for us to be side tracked like this. If anything Al Gore has praised Obama. Judge for yourself.

http://nevermindyaar.blogspot.com/2011/07/environmentally-sound-innovation-to.html I have mentioned before that countries that come up with innovations to mop up poisonous, polluting gases from our atmosphere, our waters and soil, will be wealthy. Very wealthy. Well, what do you know? New Zealand's  Lanzatech has come up with affordable technology to mop up carbon monoxide from the atmosphere and produce ethanol. Who wants this technology? India, China and the US of A for starters! They have already signed deals with the company.

The Home Project: One of the most comprehensive, hauntingly beautiful, yet frightening videos I've seen on the environment. You still come away with an upsurge of hope for our beautiful Earth, for life, for the only place we call HOME. http://nevermindyaar.blogspot.com/2011/08/home-project.html 

Necessity The Mother of Technology Advances in Rural India? Why some villagers went for solar power in their homes in spite of it being costly.

City Farming In New Zealand  Ordinary city dwellers are getting enthused about growing their own veges. Find out why.

Two Organisations Helping My Veg-Growing / Swapping Efforts
I've only recently become enthused about growing vegetable in my backyard. This post is about how the City Council and Acumen - two organisations I'm very grateful to - are helping with my endeavours. Their services are absolutely free.

Green Collar Jobs Going green isn't just fad-ish nonsense. It has also become a huge job opportunity.

Taken To Court for Growing Veges.That's all this man wanted to do. Grow veges. It landed him into trouble with the government in his country. A very amusing Ted talk.

Are Green Homes In India Only for The Elitist? Are they not for the average aam insaan?  A wonderful interview on IBN Live about environmentally friendly buildings by an expert and why it is a misconception that buying flats in them is more expensive than buying the other kind. No doubt there is self interest in what he has to say - after all he is selling such homes. Yet, I feel it makes sense.

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Sulphur oxides (SOx)
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"Green Dream Foundation"

There are many NGOs concerned about the environment and working in India. I believe my voice is more effective if I work through them.

GDF are focused on generating awareness, drive action and influence formulation for a better environment globally. I support and write for them.

Links to GDF

Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/greendreamfoundation 
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For my articles on their website go to:  http://www.greendreamfoundation.org/life-giving-activities-or-the-environment-do-we-have-to-make-a-choice/

In their own words Green Dream Foundation, in collaboration with its partners will develop a sustainability education and advocacy platform for young people to raise their awareness of the why and how of climate change. Our objective is to inspire, educate, and promote personal behavior alternatives to carbon-intense consumption and lifestyle habits, and empower young people to play a significant role in developing climate change solutions. All our endeavors have the sole objective of bringing about change for a cleaner and a greener world.

Details: You can contact Abhishek Agarwal (Co-founder at Green Dream Foundation) at 9958866676 or abhishek@greendreamfoundation.org to discuss more about this.

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