Can We do anything about the great communal divide? Can we stem an intolerant communal mindset towards anyone who is different? There's much we can do but before anything else, there's one, very important step to take.

How Best Can Secular Indians Organise? Let me start off by clarifying how the word 'secular' is understood by a vast majority in India. Secular Indians aren't necessarily non-religious. They simply share human values across cultures. 

Not Brave, just weak Breivik
Does multiculturalism make people intolerant?  What can people who enjoy different cultures, or, at least, don't find different cultures threatening, do in the face of cruel actions borne of prejudice?

Two Short stories (fiction) about young Indians living abroad:

Adrian and ShashiLives of two youngsters living in New Zealand - one Indian and the other, Kiwi, revealed through their conversations.

Indu's Trip To New ZealandIndu comes to NZ for a course as well as to gain her OE (overseas experience). Does reality match up to her expectations?

Two Lesbian Women and I : A True Story. (No Sexual Content). I knew two women, both young, and in their early twenties. This story is a recount of what happened between us.

How We Unconsciously Support Homophobia In India, the majority do have a, 'live and let live' attitude. Most of us support the homosexual community, but there are more ways than outright abuseto harm our minority LGBT+ community.

I feel what  said on Twitter on Apr 4 2016 is worth repeating. 
" is what operates EVERYTHING. If you fail to see it, it's only bcoz perhaps you were never at the bottom."


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