A Husband In Hot Water

What does a poor man do when he has a misunderstanding with his stroppy wife? Find out what this husband did. (Humour) Also a guest post on "Facts and Nonsense" - Debajyoti, the fun cartoonist's blog. To my delight, he's drawn a cartoon for this story too.

Adrian and Shashi

Lives of two youngsters living in New Zealand - one Indian and the other, Kiwi, revealed through their conversations.(Fiction)

Alms With A Difference

An idealistic young woman comes across a young child beggar on Tilak Bridge in Mumbai and what she gives the child instead of money. A story about the bond that forms between the two and the harsh realities of life. (Fiction)

Indu's Trip To New Zealand

Indu comes to NZ for a course as well as to gain her OE (overseas experience). Does reality match up to her expectations? (Fiction)

Bhabuti Naie, Bhabuti the Barber

This is a reading by the author from her book, "Never Mind Yaar." Cartoons are by Abhyudaya Shrivastava.

Bhabuti discovers the king has only one ear.

Shalini, the main protagonist, visits her ancestral home in Jaipur and  comes upon her Daadi telling the story of Bhabuti to her young cousins The story is old Rajasthani folklore. Shalini listens to the folklore of her ancestors and it brings back memories of her own happy childhood. 

Are Indian Men Sleazy? A true story that begins with a day at the beach with friends. It triggered off the question in the title.

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