Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Final Thoughts On HC's Short Story Competition

Harper Collins, in conjunction with Indiblogger, held a short story competition. To enter, one had to submit the idea for a story and get people to vote for the idea. I can honestly say I enjoyed the challenge. There were some good discussions in the forum. Here's one - a discussion on "short stories" by the editor of Harper Collins, India.

The competition is almost drawing to a close - just a week to go.  My story idea titled, A Fait Accompli, was well received and I read some amazing ideas from others. Will definitely buy the book when it comes out in the last quarter of 2013. 

Last minute votes for my story idea welcome here


  1. Voted!!! hope the best comes to you :)..liked the few lines that i read...very interesting :)

  2. Good luck. Personally I hope they dont give much weightage to votes. Let the talent shine.

    1. They know what will sell and what won't, Alka. They've been in the business for years. And thanks for your good wishes.