Monday, November 12, 2012

City Farming in New Zealand

I've been following Pattu Raj's blog about growing fruit and veggies with great interest. Her posts and the pictures of everything she's managed to grow clearly show what a green thumb she has.

Learning to grow veges at home
When I received an invitation  from "Sustainability Trust" in NZ to participate in a brain storming session on growing veggies in NZ cities, they requested that we spread the word. The session was on how city dwellers can and why they ought to become self sufficient in growing fruit and veggies. I immediately thought of Pattu's blog as she and her friends are doing exactly that. I asked if she would accept a guest post. To my delight, she said she would.

To find out more please head on over to "Pattu's Terrace Garden" and my guest post on "City Farming In New Zealand."
Home grown veges


  1. Thanks for writing a post in my blog KayEm. It is amazing and good to note that in NZ cities efforts are on for reducing carbon foot prints in food , and being self sufficient.

    Hope we in India will take up such activities and grow healthy vegetables in Urban areas.

    1. These are citizen movements, Pattu, and haven't yet caught on with everyone. Some of these movements are given grants or a piece of land by the government. We just saw a documentary yesterday about a community garden in Tauranga where people use the land at $20 per month to grow whatever they want. But in that $20 they get the expertise of other community gardeners, a library (with books donated by people) and tools to rent.

      In India there are huge efforts on too. Nothing like a community garden but certainly other things. Perhaps one day, if you'd agree, I'd love to write on your blog about those.