Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Brilliant Idea by India Against Corruption

In 2011, 

from the site
  • in spite of the majority of ordinary Indians wanting a strong anti-corruption bill
  • in spite of India Against Corruption (IAC) and hundreds of thousands of Indians out on the streets demanding one
  • in spite of the government promising one if Anna Hazare, the head of IAC, stopped his fasts
the government eventually came up with such a weak version of the bill that the ultimate decision of policing corrupt individuals in government and ensuring their accountability, remained in the hands of ..... you guessed it, the government.

Today, IAC knows exactly what it is up against – the deadly curse of endemic corruption in too many individuals in politics. It is a sobering thought that it won’t be easy to get rid of. But the IAC have come up with a brilliant plan.

They acknowledge they've learnt a lot from last year. For example, they would like the ability to be directly in touch with the masses. Often, last year, ordinary members wanted some of their doubts clarified and questions answered and the core team were dependent on the media to do so. Whilst acknowledging their gratitude to the media for keeping them in the news, IAC also realised that often, the media was unable to write or speak about their reports in their entirety.  These were drip fed to the public losing their impact and often, even the true meaning of what the core team had said was lost. The main issue, therefore, was to find a way to maintain direct contact between the public and the core team. 

This is what IAC have come up with:
  • ·       Volunteers to get groups of ordinary Indians together throughout India to listen to one topic a week.
  • ·       This topic would be a Youtube discussion between the core team members.
  • ·       This discussion would generate a lot of questions from ordinary Indians which would be noted by the organiser of their group.
  • ·       These questions would then be passed on to the IAC core team through the helpline 97185 00606 or through the email address,, by the organiser of each group.
  • ·       The core team would then answer the questions they collect, to try and quell our doubts. 

If you'd like to be a volunteer, this is the site to visit:

All you'd be expected to do would be to get your group together, organise a meeting to watch the current IAC video, facilitate the discussion after and collect the questions that arise out of the discussion to pass on to the core team. You wouldn't be required to answer those questions. Those would be answered by the core team.

Another advantage of getting together with ordinary Indians like ourselves is the obvious one of discussing issues we care about firsthand - with other, like-minded people. Further down the road, we could easily come up with united action plans ourselves. Right now, once our doubts are clarified, the action plan would be decided by the core IAC team. 

Gives "social networking" a whole new meaning. 



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