Sunday, June 12, 2011

India Against Corruption - A Unique Photo Exhibition

India Against corruption has captured the hearts and minds of Indians around the world. This photo exhibition shows the support this movement has received from ordinary people, from well known individuals, Non Resident Indians, street actors - a huge spectrum of Indians who are totally fed up of and disgusted with corruption in government.

This movement (IAC) has explained how the government manages to swindle the tax payers of their money. IAC explains the laws that have allowed the government to get away with duping India of zillions of rupees.

IAC has come up with a bill known as the "Jan Lokpal Bill" to improve our lax laws.

Exactly as predicted by Gandhi in the following photo - the government ignored, laughed and is now fighting the Jan Lokpal Bill tooth and nail, using delaying tactics, introducing amendments which would render it ineffective in curbing their excesses or introducing exemptions to the bill. They've also tried to malign the drafters of the bill who, along with Anna Hazare have started this movement. And now, the latest I've heard is that they would like to curb blogs they feel are "maligning" the government.

Two photos from the exhibition to pique your interest:

What's admirable about this photo is that Anna Hazare is a Hindu but quotes from the Quran.

This link will take you to this most unique photo exhibition. 


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