Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Environment or Life Giving Activities?

Do we have to make a choice?

Some of our life-giving activities involve burning fossil fuels like coal and oil so we can cook, keep warm, travel and transport goods made in factories to our shops and ultimately, our homes. This is our way of life. Unfortunately, this wonderful way of life is under threat from the very activities that have made life easy so far.

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Why are these activities adversely impacting our health and the environment? Very often, it isn't the activities per se. It is the by-products of our activities that are the culprits. To date what we've been doing is taking a resource, using it to make whatever is useful and ending the process there. We haven't had to think about what by-product we've created. All too often this has been a pollutant - poisonous for our health and for the environment.

Previously, it hasn't made such a huge difference to the quality of our environment. In recent years the volume of human activity has increased so much it is releasing too many of these by-products (pollutants) into our soil, waters and air.

The World Health Organisation has set safety standards for these pollutants. According to WHO, these pollutants cannot exceed a certain level in our air, soil or water. Besides WHO, our government has set safety standards and maximum allowable limits too. But where enforcement and implementation are concerned, our government is extremely lax.

We obviously cannot stop our activities but what we can do is complete the cycle of taking a resource from the earth, the atmosphere and waters we live off by giving back a reusable resource instead of poisonous ones as the end product of our activities.

To answer the question in the title to this post, "The Environment or Life Giving Activities?" it makes sense to say, BOTH.

Let's take resources from our soil, air and water as long as we give back re-usable resources. Giving back pollutants is not an option any more as eventually pollutants will choke the life out of everything living. 

Why, and to what extent are these pollutants dangerous for our health and well being? The following series of articles is to help us understand why they are deadly dangerous for our health and how they are created by us humans. Once we understand this, we begin to think about the simple solutions that are in our hands with innovative ideas and knowledge.

What exactly can we do? We could make informed choices. If we understand why some gases are deadly dangerous for humans and other living beings, we'd ensure they are not the end product of our activities. To find out more:


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