Thursday, February 24, 2011


Receiving the same spams day in and day out is too annoying. Besides, they are dangerous and the intent is either to swindle you out of your money, get you to divulge your bank account passwords or to inject a virus. Of the three, the first two are driven by greed and the last one is pure malice. I simply cannot understand either helping oneself to what belongs to others or the desire to destroy someone else's computer.

I enjoy one-off spams. My preview window tells me whether I want to click on it and delve deeper or not. It is the regular ones that sour me off. I delete at least forty emails daily, twenty of which tell me from Prince Abuya, Miss Nancy Mbuko or some such person or major companies like Coca-Cola and BMW that I have won more than what our Indian ministers have pocketed for the Commonwealth games and the 2G Scam combined.

What disturbed my partner today was that our email addresses are being used to SEND out jobs available. He's promised to tighten our security, firewall or something techie like that - not my realm. Over to you boss!


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