Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake - How Best People can help

Yesterday, the Mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker spoke of the sensible things people can do to help themselves and to help their neighbours and others. He spoke on TV 3. He said the earthquake had left everyone shaken, including himself. But he spoke at length of what was being organised by the city, the medical staff, medical volunteers, of the search and rescue efforts. It had, I think, a calming effect. He said people should,
• Preserve water at all costs as the earthquake had destroyed much of the water system.
• Similarly, the sewage system. He advised not to use up water in flushing loos. Residents of Christchurch could perhaps dig a hole in their gardens.
• He wanted people to keep away from the centre of the city where there was a lot of damage and where emergency vehicles wanted free access to the roads.
• Check on neighbours
• He suggested text messages on mobiles were better than calling – easier on the heavily burdened systems; that Telecom had made public phones available free of charge during certain times so people could phone their loved ones and let them know how they were.
• The medic volunteers were treating people in many outside centres around the city and at the hospital – part of which was also destroyed
• The first necessity was search and rescue. What exactly was happening on the day and what would happen the next day. Many countries had volunteered experts in that field like the USA, Japan and Australia.
• For outsiders, the newspapers today have suggested DONATIONS are the best way to help. Where and how we can donate is very well explained here:
• Here’s another interview today with Bob Parker, as sensible as the first one:

So don't forget. If you want to help - please donate.


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