Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Teachers' Day for 5th Sept 2010

Happy Teachers’ Day to teachers who care, keep abreast of new technology, share their knowledge with other teachers and try to make teaching interesting and fun.

At my all girls’ school in India, we used to really look forward to teachers’ day as teachers used to stay in the teachers’ common room chatting, having snacks prepared by students (more likely their parents or cooks) and generally relaxing. Senior students used to take over their classes. We could dispense of our school uniforms – a blue pinafore with a white blouse, a badge to represent one of the four houses we belonged to and ‘naughty boy’ shoes – and dress up in our civvies. Oh what an exciting day that used to be, having no lessons being only part of it.

It was Dr. Radhakrishnan’s – our second President’s – birthday. He used to be a college professor before he became President.
In India the system of government is parliamentary with the President as the first citizen.


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