Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to Keep Young Volunteers Motivated

This post is about a beautiful website I came across about youth and volunteering. 

"Youth Action Network" has NINE PRINCIPLES that keep youth who volunteer, motivated. 
The principles are

1. Youth Participation. Young people are in the driving seat; they decide what happens.
2. Benefitting Others: Young people don’t just do it for themselves, others benefit too!
a. If you can demonstrate to funders a benefit to others as a result of your volunteering programme you’re more likely to receive further funding.
b. If you can demonstrate to volunteers the difference they have made they will feel good about themselves and therefore more likely to continue volunteering.
3. Fun and Rewarding: No one wants to do something that’s boring; it has to be fun and give a sense of achievement.
4. Flexibility: It should be when, where and how young people want it.
5. Support: Young people aren’t just ‘left to it’; they’re supported in their aspirations and efforts.
6. Say Thank you: Young people’s efforts should be celebrated.
7. Progression and Leadership: Young people want to develop, they enjoy a challenge, and this should be built in!
8. Diverse and Inclusive Any young person should be able to participate in youth action; think creatively to break down those barriers.
9. Skills and personal development Youth action is a journey with learning and education an important part of the experience.

If this has piqued your curiosity, here’s the link to the website. There's tons of stuff there to help any movement ORGANISE, THEN MOBILISE:

1. If you'd like to know a great and uplifting way to battle corrupt politicians who foment trouble between communities, click on the link: The article discusses a SAFE environment in which to come up with a long term action plan; to learn how best to organise, then mobilise.

[This article, "Secular Indians, Organise Safely" was written way before "India Against Corruption" lit up the Indian radar screen.]

2. To my mind the most effective platform to fight corruption in Indian politicians has to have been "India Against Corruption". Without a doubt it has given hope to all ordinary Indians that they might see an end to the mind boggling level of corruption in politicians within months. The leaders of the movement have taken the initiative to explain why politicians get away with such a degree of looting tax payer funds and how their corruption seeps down into everything India attempts to do. The core team of IAC is Anna Hazare and the drafters of the Jan Lokpal Bill (a bill with teeth to fight corruption in  politicians). One of the leaders, Arvind Kejriwal, is a motivational speaker. Here's a link to one of his debates:
The link to IAC:


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