Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Does The LGBT Community Stereotype Straights?

One usually hears of the heterosexual majority stereotyping the LGBT community, but recently I've seen some in the LGBT community hitting back. Here’s what I’ve heard them say. Heterosexuals are, among other things, boring, stupid, loud mouthed and ignorant

Sridhar Rangayan - LGBT rights activist
and Justin Trudeau - Canadian PM
It is smart to have 'attitude'. Laughter is a great antidote to and a release from centuries of having to swallow the anger and misery heterosexuals have put you through. Not only have they been ignorant, they've been indifferent to the pain they've inflicted through that ignorance. Their prejudice has meant your having to face their secret sniggers. Pay-back is gratifying. 

Some heterosexuals deserve everything you give. They choose to remain obnoxious and close-minded even today, in the age of the internet.  

What about the rest? The best way to get them on board is to remain approachable; to engage with them. 

The image above is a prime example of two individuals who are great role models. One needs no introduction. The other, Sridhar Rangayan, is well known within the homosexual community. He has worked tirelessly to promote the cause. He has addressed the prejudice, ignorance and fear relentlessly, but politely, and with a lot of patience. His passion is to make movies with LGBT themes so people understand what homosexual individuals go through at the hands of heterosexuals. 

If 7% of the population is homosexual and 93% heterosexual, he knows he needs to get sympathetic heterosexuals - and there are many, on board.

He has read the unspoken messages in the eyes of ignorant and prejudiced individuals a million times more than many young homosexuals. The, ‘Oh, how odd. He likes men/she likes women.’ kind. And yet, he prefers to remain approachable. 

We all know that this perception of your sexual preferences being odd, has got to go. We've seen how it colours every thought and action of many whose likes are more mainstream. Thinking of the homosexual community along those lines is absurd. I've yet to come across two heterosexuals thinking in that cringe-worthy manner when they are introduced to one another. Why single out homosexuals for that 'honour'?

But changing this perception can happen only if the lines of communication are open. There is humanity on all sides and there are some who will understand, like the other man in the photo - Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister. 

You've just got to reach out. You need to help people see that someone's sexual orientation is what it is. It is nothing against nature. And there is more depth, complexities and layers beyond, that should be their primary concern.

So, go ahead. Call us ignorant, stupid or prejudiced. 

Just let it remain within the realm of harmless fun. Okay?

Sridhar's Facebook link - a lot of support at this link for homosexuals. Huge support from Friends of Homosexuals here, too. 
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  1. Didn't know bout Sridhar and didn't know that homosexuals comprised 7 percent of the population. Can only begin to wonder of the complexities and hardships

    1. Most heterosexuals have a live and let live, attitude, Sujatha. There are some who bully, ridicule or physically abuse homosexuals and take refuge in article 377 - an archaic Victorian law that the Brits have long gotten rid of but we, in India continue to hold on to. So many homosexuals suffer deep depression and live in constant fear of being discovered. It is time we had the guts to find out more about such a huge slice of the population.

  2. you haven't written anything ever since?long time eh?

  3. Have almost completed writing a book - 3 parts. Have sent Parts 1 and 2, to a Beta reader. Part 3 in the new year. Have written a short story that I was told a year ago, was accepted by a publisher. Haven't heard since. Am active on social media promoting good governance. All this consumes my energies. Will come back to blogging some day.