Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#AmWriting and #FirstDraftDone: A conversation on Facebook

Can't believe I've just written the words, 'The End' for my second novel. Such a heady feeling. And dizzy with relief....
Posted by Khoty Mathur on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The book is a sequel to "Never Mind Yaar"

The young idealists are grown. Binaifer (Binny, for short,) is invited, along with her cousins, to her aunt's home in Mumbai. 

She has fond memories of Armaity House. The entire clan used to gather there from all over India for December holidays. It is during one such holiday that Tehmton, her favourite cousin, shares a secret with Binny. Now, ten years on, she is eager to find out if things have worked out for him. She fears they haven't as he's never spoken of it again.

The first chance she gets, Binny asks him. What he tells her, and the grave repercussions it has for the extended family, is the heart of the story.

Does the family stand with him when they come to know? Does love conquer their fears and prejudices? Does Tehmton find his dream partner?

I started out intending to write about Binny. After innumerable choppy starts I found Tehmton writing himself on the pages with ever increasing frequency. He is the main protagonist.

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