Saturday, September 28, 2013

Muslims Afraid to Speak Out Against Jihadis? Not these Muslims

Courtesy "The Daily Telegraph"
We all know how the Middle East is full of people who call themselves jihadis. We all know the word simply means a 'terrorist' to many. When jihadis (to some) or terrorists (to others) attacked shoppers at Nairobi's Westgate mall we heard about the Muslim man who saved many shoppers' lives.

This is what he thinks about those jihadis.

Tariq Ali, another Muslim, a famous writer and film-maker isn't afraid to speak his mind either. He speaks on many issues. Worth reading some of his words at the end of this post by Matheikal.

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And finally, Malala. Very few people openly defy the Taliban. Her interview with CNN's Amanpour shows her courage.

Why speak about these people? Fighting fundamentalism - religious, cultural or whatever, is effective when people who are most affected speak out against the fundamentalists. Muslims unafraid to speak their minds are worth celebrating. May their tribe increase.

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