Friday, August 30, 2013

Good News Comes in Threes

That's how the saying goes. Today I feel it definitely comes in twos.

The US was making noises that sounded distinctly like war drums to me. Obama seemed to be doing a Bush. I had nightmarish, heart sinking feelings of déjà vu. I was worried, felt helpless, scared and angry. I felt sure the Brits were all set to do the US's bidding.

But, "British MPs have voted AGAINST military intervention in Syria", screamed the headlines. Thank goodness. I can't help feeling relieved.

Good on you Brits. I'm so glad you've decided to await the UN report on who used those chemical weapons before deciding on further action. I feel your moral authority, which had suffered tremendously during the past few years has managed to gain back some lost ground.

As for the second piece of good news, it is personal. With over a hundred people asking to review ten copies of "Never Mind Yaar" at Goodreads, I've made more available at Blogadda. So HURRY! Claim your copy now.

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