Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Acumen’s Global Fellowship Program

(This post is about a charitable organisation and the training it offers to social enterpreneurs and I feel you would approve.)

Has anyone heard of Acumen? It is an organisation that invests in future leaders by training them for a year for social entrepreneurship. It runs leadership programs that teach individuals innovative and practical ways to assist the poor and to merge their social skills with business acumen. It gives these carefully selected future leaders operational and financial skills so that they, in turn, can equip the poor with the means to earn a living. Besides investment techniques, valuation, marketing and operations these future leaders are also trained in self-reflection, negotiation, storytelling and much more. 

After you complete the two month training in New York you begin a nine month field placement helping with one of Acumen’s various global (charitable) investments. A few work plans in the past have included: 

  • Developing a model for expanding access to low-cost drip irrigation systems in India, Pakistan and Kenya.
  • Creating and implementing a Customer Relationship Management strategy to support the expansion of a chain of maternity hospitals in India. 

Application Form: The application process is now open for the year 2013-2014. The cut off date is 11:59 pm (EST) of 16th November 2012. Filling in the application is a detailed process and just so you know it isn’t for the faint hearted, here’s a sample form you’d need to fill in. Links to the FAQs, the form and tips to fill it in are at the end of this post.

The application for the Acumen Fund Global Fellows Program consists of four parts:
  • Personal information
o   Contact details, qualifications, professional background, number of years of work experience and your main area of expertise
    • your business skills that would be valuable for the field of social entrepreneurship.
o   a strong example of how you have demonstrated a commitment to bringing about positive social change.
  • 2 references
  • Your resume/CV (to be uploaded)
  • Short & long answer questions (see below)
Short Answer Questions (40 to 50 words each)
Your greatest: achievement, failure - why? Your strength as a leader and opportunities for growth.

Long Answer Questions (150 words each)
Why the Global Fellows Program, and why now?  What would you bring to the program? What are you most passionate about?
What's your story? (300 words) 
Apart from the above they ask for and give additional information.


Watch this YouTube video about Acumen Fund Fellows to find out more. 

FAQs page – a must read before you apply. 

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