Monday, July 2, 2012

Green Dream

As soon as the word "environment" is mentioned I see so many people switch off. And it is no wonder. So many who are enthused about and concerned for the environment might end up sounding just a tiny touch preachy. I am probably guilty too.

Keeping that in mind I've written a post that I hope is informative and not preachy. It discusses our way of life today, in the 21st century, and weighs up why that is under threat from the very activities that have made life comfortable so far. Do we have to give up our activities to try and clean up our environment and improve our health? Isn't there any other option?

I was pleased when Green Dream Foundation, India, published my post. Please head on over to their  website to read it. They (and I) will appreciate your thoughts, comments and opinions on this and other articles on the environment.

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In their own words Green Dream Foundation, in collaboration with its partners will develop a sustainability education and advocacy platform for young people to raise their awareness of the why and how of climate change. Our objective is to inspire, educate, and promote personal behavior alternatives to carbon-intense consumption and lifestyle habits, and empower young people to play a significant role in developing climate change solutions. All our endeavors have the sole objective of bringing about change for a cleaner and a greener world.

Details: You can contact Abhishek Agarwal (Co-founder at Green Dream Foundation) at 9958866676 or to discuss more about this.

Support: Green revolution, aforestation, anti-pollution, environmental awareness, reducing carbon footprint, recycling


  1. Read through your blogs on Green Dream Foundation. Good that the language has been kept simple. It would be good if could add more details about the suggested solutions.

  2. That is a good idea and needs a separate post. Here's one on "Making Informed Choices" that explains what we, businesses and the government can do.

  3. Thanks KayEm - will go through the post :-).

  4. I visited the link of your article...It's really admirable of you to get involved..I do try to make my best in diminishing my unwanted effects on nature. So lovely to meet and read you :).

  5. Thank you Unikorna. What a lovely compliment.