Monday, May 16, 2011

Environmentally Sound, Two Cents A Mile Electric Cars

Here is an excellent TED talk on the future of the electric car and why it is imperative that Governments all around the world start incentivizing electric cars and the infrastructure needed to support them.

The speaker, Shai Agassi from ‘Better Place’ speaks about his company’s radical plan to take countries off oil by 2020.

Take countries off oil?? Impossible? Shai says it IS possible. What's more, the battery would give us

- 8 cents (US) a mile now,
- 4 cents in 2015 and
- 2 cents a mile in 2020

using a zero carbon, zero fossil fuel energy that won't cough up noxious fumes like those fossil fuels that are choking the Earth and Atmosphere and ruining our health. (For what exactly fossil fuels do, go to Why Fossil Fuels Choke Us

To find out how electric cars will result in clean energy, go to Akhilesh Magal's link to Shai's TED Talk at:

Shai on TED


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