Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Do Big Things - Barack Obama

Has anyone told you before, Obama speaks well? He proved it yet again on 26Jan2011 when he addressed both houses and the American people in a televised speech. Much of it was about what the Democrats were planning etc.

But two statements struck a chord with me. When he said nobody would want to be in any other nation, I thought he was quite mistaken – had to reject that notion. Ask the citizens of any other nation, is what came to mind.

But when he said “We do big things” I had to agree whole heartedly. They do. They have. And I like and admire them for that.

Still, today, there are other great economies to admire. Also, we have so many challenges of our own to occupy us. The people below the poverty line, the environment, corruption, bribery etc. Re the environment, whilst I hope our government has the will to address this issue, there is so much we, the ordinary people can do. Simple things like plant and nurture one tree, convert our organic garbage to a reusable resource like compost (it is easy, check it out here:, cut down on our use of electricity, appliances, our cars and UNITE in action against corruption. After all, whose voice is stronger - a billion lone individuals or a billion strong force?

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