Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Guru of Chai

Went and saw a play, "The Guru of Chai", for my husband's birthday. The play is set in Bangalore at the train station. One man, Jacob Rajan, plays the role of many characters - the Chai Wala, the abandoned young seven sisters who sing beautifully in Malyali to earn their living (the singing was helped by Justin Lewis), the policeman, the grown up sisters, especially Baina the beautiful one, her son and even the moon, parrot and rooster. And to involve the audience, to climb off the stage and into the audience with such good effect and to get us all involved in a non offensive, totally entertaining way - Amazing talent. A lovely story, humourously told.

Have you noticed how, if a play is good you can't stop clapping? I think the rest of the audience seemed to agree.

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