Tuesday, August 17, 2010

India Redefined - a movement started by Ranjana Kanti in 2009

Perhaps you've already heard of Ranjana Kanti. She started "India Redefined" in 2008 and has won many accolades since then. I spoke to her and discovered she runs 3 businesses apart from the movement. She insists she is just an ordinary citizen who wants to, and is capable of, doing things for a clean (which includes clean of ...corruption), green, healthy, prosperous and happy India. She shies away from awards - has refused ten this year - so as not to acquire celebrity status. That seems to have a life of its own and according to Ranjana, there's other very imporatant issues that need her full attention.

She says there are so many Indians who wish to do things for their country but don't know where to begin. I would seriously recommend India Redefined. Anyone can join, anyone can make a difference. It is a movement of the people and follows Gandhian principles. There is no fee to join. All Ranjana asks is for one very valuable resource - time. In her own words, "Commit certain time of your day, week or month to take up the issues of your area." Whether it's once a day, once a week or once a month is entirely up to you.

I feel charity and kindness live inside everyone of us. To give it a voice is giving ourselves a voice and it is very fulfilling. Why should you join Ranjana's movement to continue doing what you've always done? There is a chapter on the IR website that hopes to record issues that come up during any person's drive - whether it is to do with cleaning up the neighbourhood, teaching someone to read, to become computer savvy, a blood donation drive, an eye camp. This is where IR is useful. It is as well to know the problems you might encounter before starting a project. And after completing your project it would be helpful to others to know the problems you faced and were able / not able to overcome too.

This is the link to Ranjana's movement. www.indiaredefined.org


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