Saturday, April 16, 2016

Two Lesbian Women and I

A True Story. (No Sexual Content)

 In the old days I knew two women, both young, and in their early twenties. Let’s just call them A and A.

When I first came to know about their being lesbian, I was shocked. I took it upon myself to try and talk them out of it. Feeling virtuous, I thought I would speak to them face to face. No back-biting from this girl!

I knocked on A's door and was invited in. The other A was there. The rumours must be true, I thought. Being of a delicate disposition I asked them bluntly if they were a couple. Their faces went white. They didn't know what to say.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


JRD in the diamond jubilee edition of 'Namaskar'
When I was an air hostess with Air India in the seventies under JRD Tata (before Morarji Desai thought fit to ‘fire’ him), we were proud to be called Air Indians. Not only was the training rigorous, as I am sure it is for new employees even today, everything spelt class. Our sarees and salwars showcased the best of India. Our caterers put a lot of thought and effort into preparing the menu. The wines and cheeses were carefully selected. On the whole, things ran smoothly for most flights with prompt action being taken by both, the ground staff and cabin crew, to ensure mistakes weren't repeated.

'Quality' was the buzz word, as was loyalty. We were happy and felt privileged to be employees of a mighty corporation. We were aware that benefits and privileges were shared by one and all. We had a medical department to look after every employee. We were secure, and sure our salaries, allowances and bonuses would be paid on time.

JRD was fired in 1978. I remember, most Indians were shocked, angry and upset.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reviewers Who Help Sell Your Book

 Why Unknown Authors Should Handpick Their First Few Reviewers.

Book reviewers, to my mind, are the best publicity for a good book. Every author has an ideal reviewer - the one who praises their work to high heaven! Alas, as we know, a good reviewer writes reviews for potential readers, not for the author.

Trying to break into a saturated book market isn't easy. How would you give your book every chance to stand out from the rest?