Binaifer, Shalini and Louella sketched by Krish Sahoo

Title:    Never Mind Yaar

Genre: Fiction

Sub Genre: Young Adult fiction 

This book is the first in a series of three. It is a coming of age book. The second, work in progress, is after the girls are grown.

WHY I WROTE THE BOOK - or should I say, what drove me to write the book? 

SYNOPSIS: Never Mind Yaar is a story of friendship between three young college girls from different backgrounds in Mumbai, a city fraught with communal tensions. Louella is a Christian, Binaifer, Binny for short, a Parsi, and Shalini, a Hindu.

Shalini has been brought up to believe her parents and autocratic grandma will choose her life partner, who she will then fall in love with. On the very first day at college her eyes accidentally meet those of a fellow student's and her heart is lost forever. She knows she must resist as her family would never allow a match with a mere student. Binny and Lou, playing two unlikely cupids, refuse to let her surrender to the dictates of her elders.

Does love win? Or do practical concerns override love? Does Shalini take the line of least resistance?

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Read about the many challenges the girls face in four years of college. A full on syllabus is the least of their worries. There's also the challenge of growing up in the cultural, political and bewildering mosaic that is Mumbai.

How do they handle the pressures? What sees them through?

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Graeme Lay, award winning Editor and Reviewer, NZ 
Never Mind Yaar is driven by a strong narrative, a rich cast of characters and a strong sense of place which is intriguing for both Indian and non-Indian readers.

Smita of Books-Life-n-More (reviewer for leading publishing houses) On the surface the story might look like just another college love story but the writing and story telling makes it different. 

Sarah, UK: To me the book is a mixture of history, cultural information and a lovely story rolled into one. Unique and compelling 

Upasana The language used by the author was rich, yet simple.

A Message on Facebook
Mrs. Mathur
This is just so you know how much I liked, "Never Mind Yaar". Your Bombay is so very much the Bombay of my inner eye and not-so-dustant youth... and it's heartening to read a piece of fiction that actually talks about the city, the times and the kinds of friendships and institutions I grew up with.
I read. I related. I loved.
Thank you so much
Benifer (yeah :)

More reviews after excerpts, and a reading from the book (Babhuti, the barber discovers the king has only one ear.)


Dr. Naakwaa of Gyan Shakti College couldn't help smiling to himself as he looked at the sea of eager, animated young faces. They all seemed to speak at once, or so it seemed to an old man like himself, their ceaseless chatter outdone only by sudden bursts of loud laughter. Even as they talked and laughed in their own groups, he saw their eyes covertly watching the others. An air of breathless expectancy hung about them, as if something momentous would sweep them up on a wing and fly them away to an unknown destination. Without exception, they all clamoured to go, even the ones standing at the periphery, hesitant and slightly lost though they appeared to be, MORE

Jayaram disliked students, tolerating their very presence at the college with grim determination. He found their exuberance loud and brash, unless they were quiet, when he labelled them dumb MORE 

Mumbai's Psyche: Today we know there is nothing unusual about living with different cultures. It is a worldwide phenomenon. But there is this other dimension to Mumbai... MORE

A Reading

Shalini, the main protagonist, goes back to her childhood home and comes upon her Daadi telling a story to her younger cousins. The story is old Rajasthani folklore - Bhabuti Naaie, Bhabuti the Barber  discovers the king has only one ear.

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More Comments by Readers:

The late John McCarthy, NZ author, fellow member of my book club: I recall something Somerset Maugham once wrote about Jane Austen. He was praising her for her readability – and wrote “You come to the bottom of the page and eagerly turn it over to learn what happens next.... And again you eagerly turn the page.... The novelist who has the power to achieve this has the most precious gift a novelist can possess.” 
I think he is right. I was eagerly turning the pages of "Never Mind Yaar." 

Namrata (reviewer for leading publishing houses) Though the entire story revolves around them (Shalini and Bhagu) and their struggles as a couple in love the other aspects of Mumbai being a city where communal tension is triggered in the blink of an eye, the beautiful history that our country carries and of course the friendship all of them share is beautifully narrated. I loved the way the author has described the nuances of Mumbai in a manner which brings the city alive even as you read about it. Recommended for readers who enjoy reading light fiction which is not completely about love and friendship but also about the other realities we are surrounded with in our country. 

Prasanna P Rao's Verdict: A light, breezy read that manages to strike a chord with its readers through its warm and vibrant characters and an interesting plot. Characters well depicted; Storyline thankfully focused on main protagonists without digressing too much. Snippets of information about different cultures, about Mumbai and regional folklore made the book more interesting.

Bhargavi, Hyphenated Semicolons: The writing is like a breath of fresh air and flows beautifully
I was nostalgic about my college days after reading about the three friends from different backgrounds - Snigdha, India.

ENidhi The most interesting part of the book is in the end. Did Shalini and Bhagu escape and marry? Was Shalini forced to forget Bhagu and marry someone else or did some magic happen to unite them? Do read the book to find out, because my revealing the end would spoil all the fun. Never Mind Yaar is written by K Mathur, a New Zealand based author. This being her first book, it is a very good attempt with nice narratives, detailing and characterization. Apart from the story, getting to know some debating tips & styles is a bonus.

Shaurya feels the writing is good; the choice of words clearly shows the effort of the author and some phrases really catch the reader's attention.

Ms. Lowe, NZIncredibly well written; it’s got a nice feel of humour to it. 

Nandini Deka The book is vivid, positive, insightful, the language lucid, the characters distinct and sketched well. It will definitely keep readers hooked.

Barbara Watkins Paranormal Author and Reviewer (All Books Review)

(page on this blog )

Bhargavi of Hyphenated Semicolons: Overall, a lovely book that will flood your brain with fond memories of college , friends and first love. The book not only makes you nostalgic,but also makes you think and want to make a difference.

Ugich Konitari An expertly woven story, well written,  but sometimes, it is not the Mumbai I know.  Having said that, it is a story you enjoy, particularly the ending. Which one shall not reveal.  

 Tina Basu: K. Mathur has successfully woven a little love story in the backdrop of the communal riots. The thoughts and dilemmas of young minds, the anxieties of entering college life first time is detailed out very nicely. It will take you back to your college life. It did for me!

Rita's Book Reviews AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ!!  

(Blog doesn't exist anymore. What exists is an image of the review.)

Ankita's Review  Never Mind Yaar as the name suggests is a carefree, light read, but there are elements of inspiration as well.

Bursha (Confessions of a StilettOmaniac)
The small additions in the form of Mem's story of Bhabhuti Nayee (which was totally crazy) and other such recollections makes the book a very interesting read. The author, KayEm has also made a lovely video on Bhabhuti. :)

More Ratings on Goodreads:

Mahantesh Sk rated it 4 of 5 stars - "Really liked it"